September 13th – 14th & 15th

Set Production Assistant Training

6PM – 10PM

Same information, same great teaching, spread across three days!
Exactly like our 1-day and 2-day workshops, our 3-day workshop is designed to equip you to be a highly effective Set Production Assistant on a film, television, or digital production. You’ll receive hands-on training, understand set protocol, learn how to communicate in production language, and receive resume preparation along with tips how/where to find a job. So dress comfy and join us for 3 days and learn first hand what it is to be a PA!
You want to be prepared and not lost when you show up on a production set? Attend the Cinema South, LLC THREE-DAY SET PRODUCTION ASSISTANT WORKSHOP. This workshop is perfect for those who want hands on training and complete understanding of a SET PA. After this course you will be ready as a productive Set PA in a film, television or digital production office. This training is excellent for high school students, college students, college graduates, and persons who are looking to change their careers and a great networking environment.

You will learn:
How to be a highly effective Set Production Assistant
Hands on training with walkie talkies (radios)
How to communicate in production language
How to read & understand production paperwork
Do’s and Don’ts on Set
Lock-Ups, Call Outs
Production terminology
Set protocol, i.e.
Other crew departments function and interaction
How the A.D. team functions
Gear and supplies for the job
Preparing your resume
Where to find a job

Address: TammyDele Films , 461 Sandy Creek Road, Fayetteville, GA 30214 located in the Pinewood Studios Production Centre.
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, September 13th – 15th
6PM – 10PM
• $135 Early Registration Ends September 7th!
• $150 Registration After September 7th
• Registration coming soon!

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