******** OPEN CASTING CALL ********


Production Title: DEMPSEY THE DOG
Non-Union: Non-Union Roles
Production Type: Independent
Project Length: Feature 90 minutes
Director: Tammy Williams
Casting Director: Michelle Daniel
Email: casting@tammydelefilms.com
Audition Location: 461 Sandy Creek Road, Suite 4107
Shooting Location: Fayetteville/Atlanta, GA
Compensation: Lead Roles will be paid.
Supporting Roles (Meal, Copy Credit)

– Video submissions will be accepted through August 20th

– In person auditions: August 18, 2017 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)

Call Backs: August 28, 2017 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Shooting Starts: October, 2017
Shooting Ends: October, 2017

PS: You may email casting@tammydelefilms.com with (Insert Name of Character)-SIDES REQUEST in the subject line and we will forward sides to you.

“Sometimes from tragedy the greatest gifts are given. This is case for Skyler, a pre-teen boy whose mother died after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. To help cope with the loss of his mother, Skylar’s father, Dwayne, a country music singer who is always on the road, buys him a dog named Dempsey, who, through the assistance of an incredible device created by Skylar, is now able to speak. Later, a greedy businessman kidnaps Skylar and Dempsey. Through the kidnapping, Dwayne learns that family comes before everything else.”


SKYLER Male 10 Lead
Nerdy but smart kid who uses his smarts to create a device with the help of deceased Mother for his dog which led to him being kidnaped. He is also a very excellent soccer player. MUST HAVE SOCCER SKILLS.

DWAYNE Male 40s Lead
Husband, Father, Brother & Country Singer who loses his wife and goes touring to take care of his son and loses his desire to sing in the process. MUST BE ABLE TO SING TO BE CONSIDERED. COUNTRY SINGER PREFERRED

BRIE Female 12 Principle
Classmate & close friend of Skyler who was instrumental in him being reunited with his family. She is adorably nerdy, friendly & artsy

SHERRI Female 30s Principle
Sister of Dwayne, Aunt of Skyler who comes to stay with them after Lily dies. She quickly becomes bored of housesitting and finds other means of occupying her time.

EDWARD Male 40s Principle
Slick local businessman

Fun loving, playful dog

LILY Female 35 – 40 Principle
Wife of Dwayne & Mother of Skyler who passes dies from Cancer. She was a proud wife, elegant woman & loving Mother

MR. ADAMS Male 35-45 Featured
Soccer Coach who uses a less than honorable opportunity to get Skylar on his team

CHRIS Male 12 Featured
Bully/Trouble maker, who faces off with Skyler on the soccer field in a quest to be the best.

PRINCIPAL Male Day-Player
Proud Principal of Richland Middle School

BRENT Male 30 Day-Player
Nicely dressed, clean cut love interest of Sherri

JAMES Male 25-35 Day-Player
Employee of Ekteck who’s job security is shaky. Being worried he partakes in illegal measure to hold on to his job

LOUD FATHER Male 40s Day-Player
Father if Chris. He is very busy with work but pushes his son to excel

VINNY Male 40s Day-Player longtime friend of Dwayne & Lily who is concerned about Dwayne after the death of his wife. He also wants to give Dwayne his voice back.

AUBREY Female 25-28 Day-Player
Former student of Richland Middle School and graduate from MIT with a degree incomputer science who comes back to judge the science fair”

BAND MEMBER Male 25-35 Day-Player Country/Contemporary Musicians

DETECTIVE Female 35 Day-Player
Career person

MR. MARSHALL Male 35-38 Day-Player Science teacher at Richland Middle School

FEMALE INTERVIEWER Female 30s Day-Player Katie Couric type, warm & inviting

RECEPTIONIST Female 40-45 Day-Player
Friendly, Warm

BRIE’S MOM Female 35-40 Day-Player
Never at home and very food conscious

STAGE MANAGER Male 30s Day-Player

MANAGER Male 28-35 Day-Player
Smooth talker type

DIRECTOR Female 40s Day-Player

WAITRESS Female 30s Day-Player

DOCTOR Male 35-45 Day-Player

NEWS ANCHOR Female 35-40 Day-Player Professional

POLICE OFFICERS Male 25-40 Day-Player Career focused







“Rescue Sal” & “Dempsey The Dog”

Tammy’Dele Films Casting announced today that it is seeking 9-45 year olds, both male and female, all ethnicities to fill multiple roles for two upcoming family features, Rescue Sal and Dempsey the Dog.

“We are excited once again to produce our next two films in and around Fayetteville, GA,” says Tammy Williams, Director and CEO of Tammy’Dele Films. “While this casting call is primarily for our next two productions, this will also enable us to keep a pool of actors in our files for use on future projects.”

Tammy’Dele Films is a Fayetteville, GA based film and television production company, who has partnered with Total Momentum Productions to produce a slate of films. These films, to be directed by Tammy Williams and produced by Alvin V. Williams, will focus on family-friendly content.

“We are requesting video online auditions for this initial casting round,” stated Tammy’Dele Films Casting Director, Michelle Daniel. “All auditions will be accepted through BreakDownServices.com,” Daniels added. The casting company cannot accept drop-in or telephone inquiries, and all talent must be willing to work as locals.

More information about Tammy’Dele Films is available on the company’s website at www.tammydelefilms.com

About Tammy’Dele Films

Tammy’Dele Films is a film and television production company located at 461 Sandy Creek Road, Fayetteville, GA 30214, inside the Pinewood Atlanta Production Centre.

Contact: casting@tammydelefilms.com