The Chronicles Of Ernie and Cerbie

The Chronicles Of Ernie and Cerbie

The Chronicles of Ernie and Cerbie

Thousand of years, Cupid’s brother, Ernie has been sending arrows to the heart of people, creating the ultimate love connections just like his famous brother, Cupid. Ernie has grown bored of the same love connections and decides to leap down to earth and take on a child human form along with his trusted dog and best friend, Cerbie.

The Chronicles of Ernie and Cerbie leads them under the investigative nose of detective Myers. Detective Myers can’t find any history of Ernie and is puzzled by his sudden appearance and launches an investigation on Ernie & Cerbie. With no home of record and no parents, detective Myers takes, Ernie & Cerbie to the city’s orphanage. When Ernie and Cerbie arrive, Ernie now finds a new beginning for his magical arrows.

A fun loving magical adventure of bringing love to the life of both children and there new forever families.

Starring: Brogan Hall (Baby Driver) Dominic Pace (Superstore, Desperate Housewives), Leland Jones (Green Leaf)  and featuring the voice of Cerbie GRIFF (Get Up! Mornings)

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