Bringing the film community together

Welcome to FilmCom! The idea behind FilmCom is to bring the film community together for new-level networking opportunities, special events, creative spaces, and more. While our focus is on the Southside of Atlanta, we welcome all film nerds, cinema addicts, and industry professionals to join us. See below the various ways we are bringing the community together.


FilmCom: MeetUp

FilmCom MeetUp is a bi-monthly meet up for film enthusiasts of all levels. It’s a place for everyone to gather and mingle at a local Southside restaurant. Admission is free, so stop by, grab some food, and hang out at one of our upcoming FilmCom MeetUps!


FilmCom Study Halls

FilmCom Study Halls are groups where individuals within the film community can gather and create content together. These creative spaces give individuals the space they need to create their content, while also providing a small community group to help inspire and support others in their creative endeavors. Interested in finding a community of like-minded film creatives? Join a study hall!


FilmCom: Educators

FilmCom: Educators is place where teachers, administrators and other education professionals can connect on topics related to the film industry. We will host events, workshops and other opportunities for educators to gain hands-on training, collaborate on projects related to film and education and how to connect with your students, network with other educators in the surrounding school systems, and much more! For more information, contact us at!