What Is A Marketing and Publicity Manager?

Marketing and Publicity Manager

Industries:  Film
Personality type:  Communicator
Departments:  Distribution

The lowdown

  • Overseeing the creation and planning of marketing campaigns for films
  • Liaising with the Distributor, film studios and filmmakers

Is this role right for me?

To do this you will need to:

    • Be able to think strategically and tactically
    • Have a thorough knowledge of film marketplaces
    • Be aware of cultural trends
    • Have good organising and planning skills
    • Be a good communicator and networker
    • Understand costs and budgets
    • Be adaptable and able to respond to changing demands and events
    • Manage a team
    • Have good writing skills
    • Be computer literate
    • Have a broad knowledge of film
    • Be creative

What does a Marketing and Publicity Manager do?

The Marketing and Publicity Managers’ main responsibility is to convince the public that this is a ‘must-see’ movie. Once Distributors have identified the target audiences and potential revenue, the marketing campaign should reach target audiences before and during film releases.  When the film opens, audiences’ interest should be at its peak. After release, the Marketing and Publicity Manager needs to increase interest in the film with more promotion and troubleshoot any problems.

Sometimes the role might involve the implementation of a campaign created by a studio and/or the filmmakers. These must be re-tailored for different territories according to cultural differences.

Marketing and Publicity Managers must be fully aware of the Distributors’ needs and requirements. As every film is different, every marketing campaign must also be unique. Big budget films involving top stars usually spend more money on marketing and publicity because they have more production costs to recoup. Smaller ‘indie’ films have less to spend,

Work on a film’s marketing campaign may begin over a year prior to its release, but more usually the lead time is several months.

Will I need a qualification?

You will need higher-level qualifications in Marketing, PR, Business or subjects related to business.

What’s the best route in?

You can get on-the-job training while working at Advertising or Media Planning agencies. It’s also useful to get experience managing projects such as DVD or games launches.

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