Rescue Sal

Created By:  Alvin V. Williams

Written By: Jon Kohan and Alvin V. Williams

Producer:  Alvin V. Williams

Director: Tammy Williams

Status: Pre-Production

Genre: Family

Tag Line:  Life’s greatest gift can be overcoming tragedy.


Sometimes from tragedy the greatest gifts are given. This is case for Carl Sanders, a pre-teen boy who just lost his mother to a terrible car accident. A few weeks before her death Carl’s mom, Lillian, brought home a stray puppy named Sal. When Lillian went to the animal shelter to find a pet for Carl, she came across Sal who was listed to be put down the next day. Sal is a mixed breed, part pit bull, part German Shepard and was turned in to the shelter after he was found neglected and abused. Lillian fell in love with him and decided to take him home as a gift to Carl. Her husband, Jerry Sanders, wasn’t too keen on the idea of having such a large dog for Carl but Lillian insisted. At first Sal was scared when he met Carl but after a little coaxing he and Carl were inseparable. But life has a way of giving and taking away and one day as Lillian was driving home she was struck by a drunk driver and killed.

After her death Carl and Sal bonded even more as Sal is a living memory of the last gift from his mother. While Sal is a generally good dog Carl takes it upon himself to train Sal to do more than just basic tricks. Sal is highly intelligent and picks up on Carl’s cues very quickly. Carl scours online to find new tricks and training for Sal as way to honor his mothers memory. Jerry doesn’t care much for Sal but knows that he is very important to Carl and was a gift from Lillian so he would never dream of separating the two. Jerry, is a fire fighter and is gone from home often as he has to stay over night at the fire station a few nights a week. Because of this Jerry has asked his older sister,  Gwen to come over and watch Carl on the nights he is gone. Gwen is an eccentric artist who loves Carl and encourages him to be himself. Carl tells Jerry and Gwen that he is planning on training Sal to do advanced tricks. Jerry is unsure that this dog can do it but tells Carl to go ahead and try anyway.

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