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Special Effects Makeup

If you’ve ever wondered how makeup artists create realistic wounds in action films or wished you could learn how to make the alien masks in sci-fi shows, then our SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKEUP WORKSHOP is for you! In this hands-on beginner workshop, students will learn the basics of special effects makeup through interactive instruction by the working professionals in one of the leading special effects makeup companies in Georgia, The Engineer Guy.

In this workshop, students will learn:

What is special effects makeup
Special Effects Makeup: Film vs. TV vs. Commercial
How to create realistic cuts, burns, bruises, and other wounds
How to make prosthetics
Proper technique for applying premade prosthetics
Tips and tricks from trade professionals
Set etiquette and hierarchy
Understanding a Call Sheet
Reading a script – how the effects artist preps
Hands on experience using a basic special effects tool kit, and more!



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Refund Policy:

All workshops and events offered at Tammy’Dele Films are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you notify us at least 24 hours in advance, we will gladly switch you to the next available date of the same workshop. We will only reschedule a student once, and the student will have 2 months to redeem. After 2 months or if a student cannot make the rescheduled workshop, the student will need to repurchase the workshop. The only exception is if the class is changed or canceled by Tammy’Dele Films due to weather or other issue out of our control. At that time a refund may be offered if you cannot make the rescheduled class. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, please call us at 770-716-6736 before purchasing the class.