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Logline: A group of volunteers with medical backgrounds take to the harsh streets of Atlanta to help out those who are sick or injuries who can’t go to a hospital because they may get arrested.

Synopsis: On the bitter of streets of Atlanta Georgia eight people are just trying to make a difference for those who can’t go to the hospital. For some it’s because their injuries are gang related and they can get arrested if they end up in the ER. For others it’s because they can’t afford the hospital bills or their drug addiction will only get them escorted out. Now, a group of women and men have taken to the streets to help those in need of medical attention. This dynamic group of former nurses, veteran medics, EMT’s and doctors are not afraid to go into the most dangerous neighborhoods to help those who need care and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep people alive. Street Nurses is a harrowing look into the lives of people who are swept under the rug by city and state medical facilities as well as the volunteers who try to help them. Everyone deserves medical attention when they need it and Street Nurses are here to take that call.