Production Assistant Training Handbook

PA training

Do you want to know how to break into the Film, Television & Digital industry? Do you feel stuck in your life trying to figure out how to break into the industry? Are you just going through the motions, sending emails and making calls and not getting call backs from productions? Are you wondering if your college taught you everything you should know about finding a job in the industry? In The Production Assistant Passport, Cinema South, LLC’s Alvin Williams talks straight and gives you the basics about the entry-level position of a Production Assistant and how this position can help you reach your film and television dreams and put you in the driver’s seat for your career.

A college degree is not required to break into the film and television industry. You just need to understand how to become an effective Production Assistant to break into the industry. If you do plan to go to college, congrats! But make sure you understand how to become a Production Assistant as this is where you will start when working for other productions. Through dozens of practical tips, Cinema South, LLC shows the way to becoming a Production Assistant. In these pages you’ll discover:

• What is a Production Assistant?

• Learn production terminology

• How to layout your resume properly

• Learn the Dos and the Don’ts of being a Production Assistant


If you want to learn the necessary basics of becoming a Production Assistant, this book is for you.
It now comes included in the cost of registration for our Set Production Assistant Workshops!